Women Empowerment, Fashion, Beauty, Strong Confident Women and PUPPIES! I couldn't have asked for a more 'Mattea-Oriented' Sunday! 

The week before I had been speaking with AARCS (Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society) about what they had planned next and I ended up being invited to lend a hand at their booth at the Calgary Women's Show!  


The morning of I made a quick stop at Tim Hortons as per usual to pick up my large double cupped double-double, For all non-Canadians that is a large "medium roast blend, expertly roasted with care to deliver a perfect balance and the unique Tim Hortons taste that has made it Canada's Favourite Coffee.™*" described by the Tim Hortons Website with two creme and two sugar.  I knew that the volunteers at the AARCS booth would be puppy sitting all weekend and I knew that is exhausting when people are always wanting to play and love your pup, so let's add a dozen chocolate chip cookies to the mix. 

Coffee in hand with a box of cookies I hopped onto Calgary Transit platform for the train and I was off the BMO Centre. One of my favourite moments of the week was watching a mother and son come stand beside me waiting for our train, She kept telling him not to touch anything because it was dirty. I looked at her and asked, "Does your son have any allergies?" She looked confused and responded with a no. I told her "I just bought chocolate chip cookies and have one too many, would he be allowed to have one?"  She asked if I was sure, and I said absolutely. She thanked me and cookies were handed out with smiles in exchange. These are the moments that I live for; the simple kindness that is not expected or warranted but done because one simply can be kind. We chatted for a couple minutes waiting for our train and we were both our separate ways.

About 10 minutes later and I was walking through the BMO Centre towards booth 104 to be greeted with surprised faces and more smiles of course! I had met one or two of the volunteers prior at Dueling Pianos Fundraiser about two weeks before! They weren't told that I was coming but they were all so kind to welcoming! Not to mention of all their dogs were kind and loving with their greetings too! 

This particular Sunday afternoon was spent with AARCS Alumni, adopted dogs that had been through AARCS and that volunteers had adopted when in foster process. There were three dogs: Crosby this beautifully tempered puppy who was the most beautiful coffee colour, Maggie who when admitted to AARCS was pregnant and had a litter of puppies (FYI all pups were adopted), and Lalya who the owner and convinced was part wolf- I wouldn't doubt it, and of course Debby. Debby was the vendor's pug next to us. She would wander from dog friendly booth to the next always with a ball in her mouth loving life.

I was beyond happy to attend this year's annual YYC Woman's Show with AARCS! I am squirming right now for what is coming next weekend with AARCS!
Stay tuned!