This last year has been more than I could have ever dreamed. From the start, representing Calgary at Miss World Canada and placing 3rd overall along with winning social media, I never would have expected any of this would have been possible, but here we are a little over a year later. Although this is published after Miss World Canada 2018, I am writing this somewhere between Saskatchewan & Manitoba at 3000 ft.

I cannot help but think about what my reign has been. This will not be some exciting blog about how phenomenal life is as a Pageant girl, but rather paying dues to those who have made this possible and who with all my heart I am grateful for.

The team of companies, individuals, friends and most importantly family I am forever grateful for. If you have been following my journey for a bit of time, you would have known that at Miss World & Teenage Alberta 2018 in March I was overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude about the past year since being crowned as Miss Calgary that March prior. When I went to give my speech, I burst into tears on stage. Being upfront and honest, all that I have accomplished as Miss Calgary World 2017 & Miss Intercontinental Canada 2017 would have never been possible without your faith and support in this adventure.

To my agency, Patti Falconer Agencies & Charles Stuart International, you nurtured me from the very beginning. Having a family of driven professionals behind me, who believed in me before I did, you all have a special place in my heart. Ben and Sandy, thank you for your guidance and faith in me over these past few difficult but evolutionary months. I owe Patti more than I can explain, she knew me and what I was capable of before I knew myself. I know she always was there for me, but I know when I walk that stage for my last time as Miss Intercontinental Canada 2017 she will be there- reminding me to stand tall, shine like I do and make the most of it while always moving foward.


John. What can I say? You are not only a joy to work with, but you are someone I can always rely on for sophisticated, refined and classic images that I am jumping to share my world. Having photographed me pre-Miss Calgary and being the only one to have photographed me as Miss Intercontinental Canada you will always be top of my list when I am searching for that perfect photo in Western Canada.


Erwin. We only have worked together the one time when you shot the official Miss World Canada 2017 headshots. That photo is apparently iconic during my reign. Whenever I meet people in the pageant world that instantly refer to that photo. With my scratched eye that was the colour of a stop sign, you merely laughed at me and said, maybe we just won’t photograph you from the side at all. Thank you for not only making my insecurity into a funny moment, but it turned into a photo that I was so happy to show to the world at Miss Intercontinental & all over my social media.


Shawn, Hollywood & James. We all know that I CANNOT DANCE or move with any sense of rhythm. I am so happy that we could all acknowledge this well-known fact. I remember when I walked off stage after my on-stage question and your response was, “well, at least it was personable, and you made the audience laugh.” This was probably what made my night so much more relaxed than what it should have been. Thank you for your understanding of my lack of rhythm and being able to laugh with me while I laugh at myself.

Michelle, Christi & Ryan. I do not know how you do what you do. Organizing +60 ladies and then doing it again I have so much respect for you. Christi, thank you for keeping us in line and keeping things flowing. Ryan, best moment- when you ordered me my own gluten-free pizza because none of the other girls that were celiac. Michelle, you have given so many Canadian women the opportunity to step outside of their comfort zones and grow as individuals and human beings. Thank you for seeing something in me all the way back in 2014.


To the Bells & Bows Bridal Team & Angeline, wow. Speechless every time I am down shopping for the next stage gown- that’s mainly it. We have been working together since 2013 and you have come to learn what I look for in a gown. Visiting the Bridal Boutique, I know you will have top of the line gowns that bring my inner sparkle out! I know so many of the girls who have competed internationally along with myself, we have faith knowing that we will be one of the best-dressed delegates at our respected competitions. Thank you for your relationship with MTC-W INC and all that you contribute to us as Canadian Queens. 


The Kensington Fitness Family, what can I say, you've known me or known of me since Lisa first judging me when I was Patti's Miss Teen Calgary 2011. Whenever I walk in I was greeted with smiles and questions about how my prep was going! Your generosity will never be forgotten, partly because I can still remember spending 2 days a week from October to the start of January with your team! Thank you so much! 


To my friends- every single one of you that smiling and supported no matter what crazy schedule I had, thank you for accommodating it this year. You know how hard I have worked this year and the influence that I hoped to create, I am so grateful that you suck it out and are still there in my corner cheering me on wherever I am in our world.

Henderson Clan. We are all successful and driven. We are not pushed to succeed, but rather we were raised on the principle that you do your best and whether you fall on your face or not, you fully know that you did your best and what is what matters. Like I say, we are not exactly cookie-cutter, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Reeve, you are such a passionate and strong young man who just laughs at whatever crazy thing I have going on. I know without a doubt in my mind that if I asked you for help in any part of life you would be there as soon as you could.  Brett. Although you stress me out with your stress, it is only because you care so much about it all. Thank you for sacrificing your Christmas holiday this year to make sure that I was all set for Egypt. You might be across the country like Reeve, but I know that I can count on you to attempt to vote online for me forever and always. Mom and Dad. My taxi drivers, my mirror, and my teachers, you have done more for me this year in simply listening to me talk things out than anything else. Having both of you listen to me talk myself in circles, you always tell me that things happen for a reason and it all will work out if it is meant to be. Thank you. I can keep trying to list off everything that family has done for me and what it means, but this would literally be as long as one of Brett's short summer reads. 
I love you all so much.