Remember how I keep talking about how busy I am and how I want to put myself and my physical and mental health first- well, I am staying it yet again this month.

My final semester of my undergraduate degree- totally thought I could breeze three classes. Surprise, I was very wrong. Out of the entire month of September, I was planning on working out four to five days a week. I ended up getting pretty sick, so knock off two weeks right there, plus projects and assignments that I have been spending too much time on; I am lucky if I leave my university campus before 8PM.

Things have not been the smoothest, but I know that I need to start putting myself first.

Here we go again with another round of 365 QUESTIONS FOR A BETTER YOU


274. Favourite piece of clothing.
Sweaters. No JACKETS. Can I actually pick both? When I have a cozy knit and simple sweater that not only keeps me warm but that looks lovely as well I am happy. I guess that same would go for a jacket as well. If you know me well, during the fall, winter and early spring when it is still cold and snowy here in Calgary, Canada- I need to be warm and the love of sweaters and jackets do just that; make me look very cute but also keeps me extremely warm!

275. What’s your favourite room?
Our living room. In the family home. Where I live. Everything has a very natural look and keeps you relaxed and cozy at the same time! It is one of my favourite places to curl up with a cup of tea and just read a book but our fireplace and overlooking FishCreek Park.

276. Last sport you practiced.
Does running out around a track?

277. What are your boundaries between personal and professional life?
Very strong boundaries. I do not mix the two. I think having a balance between the two. Knowing where my lines keep things organized so that I don’t cloud judgement.

278. A pet peeve you can’t stand.
People who do not say please or thank you. Take advantage of the good things in life.

279. Your definition of an adventure.
Not falling off a cliff. I’d saying trying things that make me look at things differently and make me grow as a person. Not jumping out of a plane.

280. What’s your go-to comfort food?
Strawberries. Earl Grey Tea with milk & sugar. Blueberry Muffins.

281. Favourite city you visited?
Chania. A little coastal town in Greece that is known for its 14th-century Venetian harbour. The streets have so much history, pink flowers everywhere hanging over the buildings and overlaying the streets. Each building has a beautiful colour and it’s own little story. Hands down, after swimming in the ocean, drinking cappuccinos and walking around the streets looking for snacks, I absolutely fell in love.

282. What do you generally do during TV commercials?
Over analyze them. Ever since I started marketing I over analyze them to see if I like them from a marketing context.

283. A luxury you can’t live without.
Unconditional Love. So many people take this little thing for granted but it is what people spend most of their searching for. I am so lucky to have found it with those around me. Or tea and coffee- I do love both of them.

284. Modern or traditional?
Traditional in so many ways. But modern when it comes to a contemporary look in fashion and furniture.

285. What country would you like to visit if time and money weren’t a constraint?
Thailand or Indonesia. Seeing the culture and history of such meaningful places that have faith and joy like no other, with kind people and amazing food. These two places are so different but so similar in the love and appreciate that I have for what they offer.

286. How do you feel when you’re asked to speak in public?
Calm as long as I know what I am talking about.

287. For how long would you stay on a desert island?
Desert Island. I could absolutely love a vacation.

288. Consumerism or minimalism?
Minimalism absolutely.

289. What’s the most interesting place you’ve ever been to?
Egypt! My time in Egypt kept things enlightened in my mind. I loved my time, experiencing a different culture and the people were lovely!

290. How do people generally describe you?
I guess it depends on the person. Usually quiet and kind. But those who know me can see an occasional silly size. I have different people in my life for different reasons- but they all usually say kind.

291. Do you consider yourself lucky?
I do. Lucky is a good way to look at things. Little things make a big difference and you need to be thankful for every little thing that happens, but either you look at it as fate or luck- but both are lovely and keep things positive.

292. What makes you feel insecure?
Questioning myself. Second-guessing people’s perceptions of me when I genuinely trust them.

293. Your favourite memory from your school years.
We had a Christmas concert when I was back in Grade 8 in Ontario. We were at the local high school, I got to sing with a couple of really good friends. I remember seeing my family and my friend’s families in the audience and everyone was beyond happy and filled with a holiday spirit.

294. How good are you in keeping secrets?
Yes. Confused yet?

295. If you were to write a book, what would it be about?
People always say my life should be made into a book or turned into a movie. I do not know if that is exactly a good idea because I am a private person, but people are fascinated with my life. Who knows, maybe one day, or not?

296. What animal would you like to see in their natural habitat?

297. Have you ever considered Mindfulness?
Every single day. Being mindful, or being filled with gratitude. Those are the important things in our lives that make everything so wonderful. Once again, those little things that make that big picture or difference.

298. Do you have any regrets?
No regrets. Do I look back and question decisions, if I should do something differently. But realistically, you have gone through exactly what you have to be in that moment, as you are right now.

299. Scariest thing you have ever done.
Losing people I love.

300. Would you like to become a volunteer?
I do volunteer a lot. Not too much recently, being in school and all. But hopefully, I will be back at it soon.

301. How do you take care of your health?
I actually have not been. I can openly admit that. It is something that I do need to change and focus my efforts on. I need to learn to take care of me first. 302. Cooking or eating? Cooking Breakfast= Yes.Eating, all of the time!

303. What’s your most important project right now?
I am in the final semester of my undergraduate studies. Part of the semester, we are to work with legitimate clients, one being a firm in Calgary that is promoting a vote happening in Calgary to see if Calgarians are interested in hosting the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. How would you engage youth voting in your community?

304. Your latest thought.
How much I want frozen grapefruit. Great snack eh.


277. What are Your Boundaries Between Personal & Professional Life?