November. Weird to think that I first started answering these questions since March of this year. I may not specifically answer all 365 Questions for a Better You, but I have learned so much about who I am as a person through our this blog series. This is the first series that I wrote on this blog other than anything pageant related because that is originally why I started this website- to document my time as a ‘Miss Canada.’

If you have a specific direction you want me to take my blog in 2019, once I have graduated and will have more time on my hands please comment.

Here we go again, another round of 365 QUESTIONS FOR A BETTER YOU


305. What’s the role of gratitude in your life?
Being grateful and having gratitude is the main pillar in my life. My dad has always told me, “You have two options. You can be a fountain or a drain.” It is that simple in his mind. Life is not an easy thing nor is it supposed to be. You are meant to live and thrive. Life is hard and horrible. But it is ultimately up to you to determine if you want to look at the things that you can be grateful for, getting a cup of coffee, finding coins on the ground, having a meaningful conversation with someone. If you are grateful and have gratitude that is what you will attract in your life.

306. How do you measure your success?
To each their own. My personal measure of success means that I will do something to the best of my abilities- whether I failed or succeeded in the eyes of others, as long as I learned from the experienced, grew and did my best that is my definition of success.

307. What will you accomplish before the end of the year?
I am graduating this semester from my under my undergraduate degree in Marketing and minoring in International Business. So, if you know someone who is looking to hire someone in marketing or needs help building their brand, I am your girl.

308. What’s your spirit animal?
I don’t fully know, someone told me that according to the month I am born in it’s a lion. According to Native American Indigenous culture, it’s a bear.

309. Do you like to dress up?
I like to dress up for me. Having a well-put-together look that makes you feel your best is so satisfying. You can always tell a woman who loves herself and the look she is rocking! There is one look that I loved to wear during my time as Miss Intercontinental Canada! It looks great with an oversized jacket, some heels or just when I want to feel phenomenal. I can dress it down with a denim jacket and keeping my hair in a ponytail, or dress it up with nude strappy heels.

Mattea Henderson, Miss Canada
Mattea Henderson
Mattea Henderson.

310. What do you like to do on rainy days?
Rainy days are literally meant for a few very important things in my life: [1] spending time curled up in oversized sweaters that are preferably knit, [2] sitting in your favourite chair covered in blankets with [3] a cup of tea or coffee while [4] reading a good book. Or you can be lazy and stay in your pj’s, watch movies or nap wherever you like.

311. Your last DIY project.
The last major DIY that I did was last two years ago for my birthday. I have an antique bed, I sanded it down to take off of the finish and re-painted it white, or an off-white. No going to lie, I personally was very impressed with myself.

312. Your opinion about meal planning.
If you have time to do it- all the power to you. As long as you are healthy in what you eat and know how to indulge every once and a while that is import and what creates balance and health overall.

313. Fountain or ball pen?
Fountain if I can, but I would prefer a fine-tip 0.5 over either.

314. A movie that kept you awake at night.
I have been so tired lately, that I usually fall asleep while watching it. A movie that I actually really have a fond memory of is when I was Miss Teenage Southern Alberta in 2013. The Alberta Teen queens were invited to an advanced screening of Beautiful Creatures. It may not keep me awake in a bad way or wondering, but rather remembering an amazing memory with a few girls that have a special place in my heart.

315. Describe your perfect evening.
Two options. A night surrounded by people I love, laughing, and spending time together. Or [2], relaxing with a good book, or watching a movie with a cup of tea- covered in warm blankets knowing that I have accomplished what I needed to that day while looking forward to tomorrow.

316. How frequently do you make time for self-care?
I really don’t.

317. Do you decorate your planner?
More so colour coding different events, plans, appointments, or fitness goals. I have a Moleskin bullet journal that was my life during my time as Miss Intercontinental Canada that allowed me to be more creative and exciting, rather than the normal standardized one I have for school and my undergraduate degree.

318. How do you keep a record of important dates?
Multiple Planners. I have several planners from Chapters, one that I have specific for school, family and friends, another specific to work and pageant/social media reminders.

319. To photograph or to film?
Depends on what I am doing. Photos really are great because they are quick and last a lifetime, but videos are fun to look back on and usually allow you to see the emotion at the moment.

320. How easy/hard is it to forgive yourself?
I have learned to forgive myself. It has not been an easy process, but I have learned that as long as I learn and grow from each experience that is all I can do because I am only human.

321. Happy/positive news you recently heard.
A lot of people are having success and growing in their lives- that has been a lot of positivity in my life which is good news for me!

322. What does “home” mean to you?
Home to me is where the people I love are! Yes, we have a family home but it is because of all of the memories that we have created together that is what has helped to create a home. It is somewhere that no matter where any of us in the world, we know that we can come back to the family at this place and be safe and loved and enjoy one another’s company.

323. How do you feel right now?
Right now it this very moment, very calm but also on edge. I have had some tough conversations over the last couple of weeks and I have really had to look inwards more than anything. It hasn’t been always fun, but growing isn’t fun- that is why they are called growing pains.

324. Is hygge something for you?
I don’t even know what that means, and I am too cold to look it up. I am grasping onto a cup of tea for dear life to warm up.

325. 5 words to describe yourself.
Kind. Awkward. Compassionate. Relatable. Me.

326. Your life motto.
You are not a product of your circumstance, you are a product of your choosing.

327. Organization or chaos?
Organized chaos. But I try to stay as organized as I can.

328. An important decision you made recently.
Getting Involved with Someone. No names, no details, but he does make me happy and that is what matters right now. We haven’t exactly publicly said anything but our family and friends know and that is good. We are crossing bridges as we get to them and not trying to over analyze things- taking things a day at a time is the most rationalize thing we can do since we are both so busy at the time.


329. Describe happiness.
That feeling of waking up in bed, surrounded by blankets and pillows, fully-well-knowing that you can go back to sleep and do not have to do anything that day. That is absolute bliss for me. I think having all options open to do whatever you want with no pressure to do anything and not under any stress. OR. Being with loved ones. That is such a big part of my happiness- being surrounded by people that I care for or unconditionally love is such a big part of happiness.
FYI. This is literally the background of my computer because it keeps me calm and I miss sleep.

330. What’s the first thing you when you find a mirror?
That I love myself, there are things that I want to change and what I want to focus on because I know that I could be healthier. Things have been slipping in my health mentally and physically, and I can openly admit that. Knowing how downhill my health has been over this past semester it really can be seen in a mirror, but I love who I am as a person. How can someone else love you when you do not love yourself. That is such a big part of a misconception of people in my generation. Everyone expects that someone will love them, no matter what. But you need to earn the respect of those around you before they can learn to love you for everything else- good or bad.

331. Last time someone was wowed by something you did?
People said they are wowed- but just mainly because of my work ethic. That would be the main thing.

332. What needs to happen to boost your confidence?
I need to keep remembering to love myself most of all. If I cannot be confident in who I am and what I do, then how can those around me.

333. One thing you’d like to improve in yourself.
My physical health. I have really let myself go because I have been so focused on my undergrad that I have not been working out or being as active as I have been in my past. Because of the commitment to my undergrad I have gained a lot of weight and I am not feeling as healthy as I need to be and I know that.

334. What do you do to stay focused?
Attempting to keep a level head and grounded.


307. What Will You Accomplish Before the End of the Year?