I'm almost done. 
Technically, this past weekend was my last weekend of events as your Miss Intercontinental Canada 2017 here in Canada. My family has never done that Europe trip that so many families do. Well, after a long year of everyone working hard we are off to London, Athens and Crete for two weeks! Anyways, hence this was my last weekend of events here in Canada before I pass along my title to the next beautiful Canadian lady.

To recap this weekend, it wasn't easy but I loved every moment of it. This weekend was the 50th anniversary of my agency, Patti Falconer Agencies, and it would have also been her birthday. A couple of months ago, my mentor and agent, Patti Falconer passed away. I was on location at a charity event when I found out, but Patti also taught me the definition of professionalism and I knew my responsibilities and what duties I needed to fulfill. 

This weekend I attended three events. I co-hosted a Pre-Pageant workshop with Canadian Beauties, I made an appearance at the Canadian Tire Jumpstart Carshow, and then I co-hosted Miss Calgary 2018. Two of these events were in Lethbridge.


Leaving at 7:15 AM, with Meg S., Miss South Calgary-World 2018, it was as if we were driving down in a tropical storm to Lethbridge, Alberta. I swear the rain that we experienced was as strong as any snow storm I've experienced. Starbucks was consumed and pageant talk began. About 2 hours later and thanks to Google Maps we had found our way to Perfect Storm Athletics Lethbridge. Lisa, the founder of Canadian Beauties, has arranged for us to be at an amazing cheer location and the facility was ours for the day! 


With a total of six great titleholders that made the trip to Lethbridge, we had an amazing day going over some key things that any pageant girl needed to keep in mind for her next competition. Going over walking, poses, turned, how to approach potential sponsors and most importantly what do you think it means to be a titleholder and what does a crown and sash mean to you! 

The Canadian Pageant community is small, we were lucky to have some great speakers come in, Ashley who was Miss Earth Canada 2011 and then Angeline Mcdonald, the owner of Bells & Bows Bridal! Ashley spoke about her personal experiences with pageants and what skills she has developed because of competing. Angeline brought in two amazing gowns to talk to the girls about the importance of loving yourself, and how if you love your gown and you feel like a rockstar that confidence will translate in your stage presence,  but most importantly you need to feel like you- and love you! 

The girls were amazing and overall the rain hit again just as we were wrapping up, so it was perfect timing! Several of the girls headed over to Bells & Bows after the workshop to either find their dream gown or to pick up their gowns! I was seriously impressed with the gowns that each girl selected and several of them I would have worn myself if they hadn't purchased them! Thank you to Angeline and the Bells & Bows staff for keeping the boutique open after hours exclusively for these lovely ladies!  



I grew up immersed in sports from an early age, specifically anything that would have me running in a circle with extreme supervision.  My parents were both athletes and so were my brother and sports. We were lucky. We were multi-sport athletes and it helped shape us into the people we are today. My parents were smart about it though, rather than going on family vacation that money was allocated to our registration fees and equipment costs. Unfortunately, there are families that are unable to meet the financial obligations to have their children in sports. Jumpstart, a social initiative by Canadian Tire raises money to help those families and have their kids actively in sports!

I am always a big fan of heels, mine just happened to be extremely tall for this event and between extreme wind and being offered the opportunity to smash in a car with a sledgehammer I almost fell over once or twice. Thankfully, Miss South Calgary-World 2018, Meg S., Miss Teenage Lethbridge 2018, Samantha M.m & Angela H. Miss Northern British Columbia-World 2018 were there to catch me if I just happened to blow over.

A big thank you to Bells & Bows Bridal for the appearance request and allowing us Canadian Queens attend such a meaningful event about community, family and living an active lifestyle. Next up, a two-hour drive and then Miss Calgary 2018.



I knew that the evening was going to be an emotional one for everyone. A pageant without Patti Falconer, her birthday and the anniversary of the agency- it was a lot all at once. This woman is the reason why I started competing in pageant, I owe her more than I can repay.

When I was approached to co-host Miss Calgary I literally re-arranged my entire schedule to ensure that I would be able to be part of it. I was lucky to be standing beside Brooke, and international model who towers over me at 5'10 or 5'11..... and she's still growing! With my heels from the Jumpstart event, I was getting there, I was a bit taller than normal. I decided to re-purpose a two-piece I had purchased from Bells & Bows Bridal Centre, with a low back, long sleeved lace top. I was able to coordinate with black lace shorts so that I was not entirely formal, but still formal enough that if Patti was there she wouldn't tell me to change my outfit. Brooke ended up wearing this amazing white dress, so black & white, Patti would have approved. #PattisPrettyPeople.

Co-hosting was a lot of fun with Brooke! Going back and forth was entertaining and also allowed us to take in the atmosphere. The delegates were all lovely, several are competing at Miss Universe Canada in August, and Ciara S., who took home the title of Miss Calgary 2018 will also be competing at Miss World- Canada from July 22-28 in Toronto. Also, Ciara is the first in PFM history to win the Teen (2017) title back-to-back with the Miss (2018). Congratulations ladies, and to my Patti Falconer Family, I love you all!

This weekend was not an easy one fully knowing that it would be the last events I would be attending as Miss Intercontinental Canada, but I would not have it any other way- by being able to end my reign with the woman who started my pageant adventure. Patti, although you scared the living daylights out of me with your business-savvy black attire, I will always attempt to emulate your tact, class, intellect, and understand that you do not need to compromise your moral and values to achieve what you want.  Thank you.

Be Indépendant , Be Creative, Love What You Do.