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Physical and Mental Health are talked about is such open terms now. To the point, in my opinion, that children who are simply expressing their emotions are considered to be uncontrollable and need to be medicated. I would spend hours outside every day playing and learning, or I was active in sports. Having children attached to their electronics rather than simply being children is hard to watch. The reason why I started off this post this way is because of the healthy environment that has been fostered at Kensington Fitness.

I am exciting to announcing partnering with KENSINGTON FITNESS!

Having competed internationally three times for Canada, at TEEN UNIVERSE 2014 coming 1st runnerup, Top 15 at International Junior Miss & Top 20 at Miss Intercontinental I am not new to walking across a stage in a bikini. Over the past year or so there has been a strong controversy around this portion of the competition. I find that the Swimsuit Competition allows a woman to embrace her body fully, and allows others to understand her dedication, motivation, and love of her body. We should all be proud of the bodies we are in.

I have always been an active individual, but since spending 16 hours a day on campus finishing up my undergrad studies, my personal health faded. I was compromising my physical health to keep my mental health in order. I knew that my body was not what I needed and I could feel the draining sensation of natural energy, but after understanding the toll your mental health can take I chose to keep my mental health in check to ensure I could graduate and then focus on my physical fitness after. I learned how to manage stress and create balance in my life during this life lesson.

For a second pageant season in a row, I have been blessed by my Kensington Fitness Family to train with them! I am most excited to see the progress with the right mindset and healthy environment how much we can actually achieve personally and professionally as a team.


Gym Memebership

Allows for fitness until the date of the Miss Universe Canada 2019 Competition.

2 Workout Programs

(designed for pageant body prep)
Kensington Fitness will host 2 group workout sessions to teach you the program. Then you can use these programs to work out on your own schedule.

Nutrition Seminar

They will also host a Nutrition Seminar to teach you nutrition tips you need to be incorporating to reach your goals.

Every Tuesday & Sunday Night Bootcamp

1 Month Gym Membership Donated as Prize

They will also provide each of you with a 1 month gym membership that you may use for any auctions or raffles that you will host for your personal or charity fundraisers.