Two months completed of Debbie Rodrigues's  365 Questions for a Better You. Each day she posts one of the following questions and you answer it, pretty simple right. 

May to me has never been anything special. I have never gone away for the May Long Weekend, we do not have any May birthdays in my family and the only thing is that I know there is a little over one month till decent weather comes to Calgary. 

But to quickly reflect,  the saying "April Showers Brings Mays Flowers" really embodies what the last seven weeks have included. April was a month of growing, I lost my personal mentor and someone who I loved deeply and aspired to be. She taught me the importance of integrity and listening to what feels right for you. April was not easy, but I had some amazing events I attended as Miss Intercontinental Canada and because of the loss in April that I had I feel more driven and motivated than ever to keep pushing for my dreams and goals because that is how I plan on honouring the woman who gave me so much of who I am.




121. Electronic calendar or paper planner?
That is not even a question in my life! Everything that I do is on paper and I have fallen in love with dot journals! The best way that I can have a creative outlet and at the same time create an organizational system that works best for me! But at the same time, I do have an electronic calendar on here.... specifically so people can book me for events or feel more than welcome to attend one if they are passionate about it! 

122. What’s your opinion about dieting?
Two points. 
1. I have seen so many people feel uncomfortable about their bodies, hate the way that they look, or think that they aren't 'skinny'  enough.  Ether from when I was 16 and starting to model or when I was at a national level for pageants. It sucks when people do not love their bodies and go to extremes for the results they want. Leading me to....
2. I know diets can become a lifestyle if done correctly with dedication and with a healthy mindset.  I have never been fat, or excessively overweight. But I have been recently not the healthiest when it comes to making healthy food and activity choices and that is really going to change in my lifestyle!

123. How would you decorate the perfect room?
All white and creams. Somewhere when you walk into is that same comfort you have from having your hands around a cup of hot tea on a cold winter day. 
It would be modern and elegant, but feminine in a classic way. I would also need it to be practice as an office space since I run my own business.

124. Random act of kindness you practiced today.
I made a quick ice cream run with my Mom to Village Icecream in Calgary. We were sitting down on a bench outside and a woman walked by with her dog who was instantly drawn to my Mom! The woman was going to get a cup of coffee so we offered to watch her beautiful white three year old puppy named Bella so that she could get her caffeine fix.

125. Countryside or the beach?
Countryside. No question.

126. What makes you happy?
Earl Grey Tea Icecream from Village Icecream!

127. Do you think that breaks are for lazy people?
I think that everyone needs a break from time to time- they may be lazy in your eyes but they could be trying their best.

128. Describe the lifestyle of your Dreams.
It sounds super corny, but having a really amazing family life would be a dream lifestyle for me. My parents made sure my family was always growing together and pushing us to be the best we could be. So being able to give that to someone else would be amazing!

129. An event you’ll remember your entire life.
I  recently got to speak at EWI's HOT HEELS in support of Ronald McDonald House and that is something that I will never forget. Speaking about what adversity I have overcome personally and privately. How pageants have shaped me into the person I am today and what they have taught me- mainly gratitude.  

130. Favorite season of the year.
FALL! It's not too hot and you can wear the best outfits! But I will never forget the fall leaves that I got to experience as a kid in Ontario.

131. How frequently do you take deep breaths?
Deep breaths- constantly. But it is more of a relaxing thing, not out of frustration. 

132. One fun fact about yourself.
I love Pringles and Strawberries! Two of my favourite snacks!

133. Who influenced you the most during your childhood?
My mom. I may not have realized it but I see more and more of her in me when looking back into old memories. 

134. What do you love about your job/career?
Being Miss Intercontinental Canada is currently my job..... I love being able to interact with people from all walks of life and have people see me in a positive light in doing what I do. I would love to explain more, but the easiest way to describe it: when you score a goal and the crowd goes crazy, your team is beyond happy and your coach knows what you can do!

135. What does your successful day look like?
Right now for me, it's averaging a solid six hours of sleep, getting up and attending an event as Miss Intercontinental Canada, making some cold calls and sending out emails about how I can be involved with different organizations, and keeping a positive/optimistic/grateful mindset.

136. What do you generally do before going to bed?
Drink an entire bottle of water, check my emails one last time and set an alarm for the next morning.

137. How do you define yourself?
Awkward. After everything I have been through I still feel awkward and dorky and wallflower-esk. That's honest, probably because I sometimes do not understand all of the amazing things that happen or keep happening that force me to grow stronger and strong. But I will always see myself in the light.

138. How often do you plan some me-time?
Every day I try to spend 20 minutes in the morning just being calm and relaxed if I can. Everything recently has been so stressful that if I can calm myself down before I work myself up that is what I consider as me-time. Usually, I can manage this with a cup of tea in the morning!

139. When you earn extra money, do you save it or spend it?
Right now it is being spent on travel. Everything that I do as Miss Intercontinental Canada comes out of my pocket. With as much as I am doing, this is my full-time job and if I earn extra money it helps with my next trip. 

140. Cat or dog?

141. Your mindset today.
Today my mindset is about productivity! I have gotten behind on blogs, vlogs and creating content about the things that I have been up to recently! So trying to edit some things is the overall goal and also working out would be ideal too.

142. The last person you called (non-professional).
My pageant sister! Sacha! She is the bubbly boss babe who is killing her business and is a phenomenal performer too based out of Toronto! Seriously, we haven't really spoken since last summer when we were at Miss World Canada, but she is such a breath of fresh air! She is driven, optimistic and is one of the most positive people I have had the pleasure of meeting! Check her out!

143. Do you bring work to do at home?
Well, I work from home soooo- yes!

144. What do you like the most about your city?
The community! I live in Calgary if you didn't know- The Heart of the New West as our slogan says. But I moved here when I was 13 and have been in love with how Calgarians can instantly come together to support one another or a meaningful cause!

145. If you could jump travel, where in the world would you be right now?
I would be back in Egypt at the resort we stayed at- Sunrise Crystal Bay Resort in Hurghada on the Red Sea. There was the most amazing restaurant a minute walk from the ocean that had the best chicken tenders and cappuccinos. Do not judge me on my food choices because if you were up for long periods of time you absolutely need caffeine and crave comfort food!  

146. In the car, do you listen to the radio or CD?

147. Do you hold to clutter?
Do I hold on to clutter? I think I try not to and I definitely to de-clutter my spaces as much as I can- I think if anything I have too many pairs of shoes.

148. What motivates you?
Realizing how much I have accomplished at 23 and all of the things that I still have to look forward to is what motivates me. I know that in the big picture of life I have not accomplished that much or had a major impact on the world- but that is what pushes me harder and hard. To be the best version of myself and acknowledge that each day if I put in the work eventually I will get the results I desire.

149. How do you describe your time management skills?
Right now, on par with what they have been in the past! Sometimes I take on too much and I make myself tired and then I am exhausted and take a personal day, and then I end up wasting a day. But the more that I stay on top of my schedule the better I feel about being in control of my time. 

150. What’s more important to you: win or participate?
I am national a competitive person.... but for me, it is about performing my best. Technically I will have participated, but if I do my best that is winning in my mind.

151. How do you deal with peer pressure?
Peer pressure is something that I personally think can make a person grow beyond measure. The more that one learns to find that they are willing to do and not to do, is that allows them to learn about who they are. I do not like peer pressure, but I have learned that it is natural to feel that you should do something, I just take into consideration my morals, values and integrity.

#151. How Do You Deal with Peer Pressure