Tell me. What marks the start of enjoying the sun, walking in rivers, or going to get icecream? In Calgary the mark of camping, hiking, walking in Princess Island Park, and knowing its almost time for Stampede is the 4th Street Lilac Festival.

Calgary is lucky to have lilacs grow throughout the city. I once met a woman from California who loved the look of lilacs to photograph, she told me that lilacs only grow when there are cold temperatures during part of the year. In Calgary, lilacs range from a deep rich purple to white as snow. In almost every part of Calgary, in the communities, driving down the highways, downtown, or in a park, there is a very good chance you will see lilacs blooming in June.

The 4th Street Lilac Festival is when Calgarians come out to shed layers of clothing from our winters, to embrace Calgarian culture and support our community. The Lilac Festival is an entire day of being able to enjoy the sun with loved ones while walking around looking at different Calgary business owner’s companies and products! You can find anything from gourmet dog treats, to fitness classes, to buskers, and mini donuts that fill your heart and stomach with sugary-goodness.  I will be honest, my love of Tim Hortons is just as strong as my impulse of wanting to jump into a bag of dough coated in sugar and cinnamon.

This year was especially one of a kind since it was with my Patti Falconer Family! Seeing the Calgary community come together really did exemplify what it means to be Canadian. People from all over the city and surrounding areas, of different ages, different incomes, at different stages in their lives- but everyone was wearing their sunglasses, with friends and family, with either a fresh lemonade in hand, or looking at different vendors. I was so blessed to attend this year’s Annual 4th Street Lilac Festival as Miss Intercontinental Canada 2017, while embracing my Canadian heritage! I am always happy to spend a day representing my city while being surrounded by Calgarians!

Alberta Jeep took care of the Patti Falconer Pageant Family and hooked us up with Jeeps to ride in for the Parade! Partnering up with each other, the NEW Miss Calgary-World 2018 paired with Little Miss Calgary 2018, Miss Teen Calgary 2018 who will be competing at MISS TEENAGE CANADA was rocking her own jeep, and I was with the extremely tall Junior Miss Calgary 2018! 

Between riding in three amazing Jeeps down 4th Street, Ciara- Junior Miss Calgary and I were on the lookout for puppies and children! The two things that make parades epic! We were absolutely successful in my mind! 

After the parade route was successful when spotting puppies and children to wave and smile at, AARCS (Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society) was there and they had PUPPIES! Making a pit stop at the AARCS Puppy Kissing Booth we walked around for a bit and looking at different vendors and grabbing a bit to eat! 

This event was special to me, it was one of the first events that I attended at Miss Teen Calgary 2011 with Patti Falconer Agencies, so when I was invited back this year I couldn't have been happier! To my PFM Pageant girls, I cannot wait till next time!