JUNE. The start of summer and the month that was I really going to focus on me and keep my schedule open to focus on my mental and physical health. Well, a couple phone calls later and out of 23 days, I am now booked for 11. Half of the events are a two-hour drive away, but that is part of the job! I am motivated and I love myself more and more because of what I have been able to experience,  365 Questions for a Better You keeps me grounded! 

June hasn't been easy. I have dealt with a lot of stress and a lot of pressure. I know that soon I will be heading to a family vacation but I still feel pressure to do as much as I can with my title of Miss Intercontinental Canada before I pass it along to the next girl. I do not want to lose an opportunity or disappoint anyone or myself. Usually, I would have my MONTHLY MOTIVATIONAL QUESTIONS done within the first 8 days of the month, but I have really struggled to feel motivated to share. I am trying my best and it isn't easy, but here is my best shot. I have tried answering these questions for almost two weeks now. 




152. Do you have your meals at your desk or while watching TV?
We used to do family dinners at the table when everyone was home, but I found the busier it got the easier it was to work with food at my desk or I would take breaks for meals. I do love food, at times though I get to a point when I am not even hungry because I am so focused.  

153. How would you describe your ability to manage stress?
If you asked me last year I would have said not too well, but this year is different! I find if I am able to create lists of things that I can accomplish during that day or that are within my control it makes things a lot less stressful! In my experience stress is triggered in my life when I am unable to control what happens to me.

154. When was the last time you visualized yourself achieving your Dreams?
Each night! I always seem to dream of that moment when I know what I have accomplished what I have set out to do! Things like finishing a really great run or other bigger dreams that I am not sharing just yet! But they will happen! 

155. Introvert or extrovert?
Introvert! I am such a shy person when it comes down to it! I have learned to love myself, but I have no desire to be the center of attention or surrounded by people constantly. If I had the choice, 8/10 times I would love to be at home reading a book or just relaxing with a cup of tea. With the amount of interaction that I have with my obligations as Miss Intercontinental Canada it has taken me to a point where I have to be an extrovert in those social situations, but I will always naturally be an introvert. I had an amazing time at the Lilac Festival, but it was definitely something that was out of my comfort zone when I first started! 

156. Have you ever skipped breakfast?
Okay, here's the thing- I love breakfast food. But I am not an early morning person who loves eating right away. Usually, I will start off with a cup of tea or coffee and ease into the thought of food about two hours later. This morning though I definitely did do breakfast right away! That isn't normal for me. 

157. What would you like to learn if you had the chance?
I wish I had an answer. A clear-cut answer. But I don't. I think right now it would be learning something new each day- something big or small that would allow me to grow as a person and be a better person rather than who I was before learning this little or big piece of knowledge. 

158. What word do you say the most?
BUT. or SO. Open and honest is the goal here so that I can learn more about me and make me a better person right. Well even if I had the answer that everyone wants to hear, I think BUT or SO are fillers that I use when I need something to flow better of they might just be most girls 'LIKE' concept. 

159. Have you ever been a victim of bullying?
I think every person I know has experienced bullying. I personally do not like the term victim. I would much rather say that I have experienced bullying and am a survivor. Yes, I know that I am not fighting cancer etc., but changing the mindset around being a victim verse a survivor can do wonders for your mental well-being and change how you remember the situation. 

Personally, bullying comes down to a couple things in my mind. People who are jealous of someone or what that person has. When a person does not understand the differences between people and decides to dislike who or what that person represents. A lack of education and empathy when someone is different. In my mind bullying stems from fear and jealousy. Two nasty characteristics that can create victimization, but it is up to us to stand our ground and be proud of our individualism. 

160. Your favourite affirmation right now.

All that I have accomplished is just my beginning.

Due to deferring my last year of university to compete internationally, everything that I have accomplished as Miss Intercontinental Canada is just my beginning. I didn't realize the influence I had in Canadian Pageants or in my community until March- everything happens for a reason and I do believe this really is the beginning of something amazing!

161. To drive a car or a motorcycle?
Car. Too much snow in Calgary for me to even brave the cold. 

162. How important is physical activity in your life?
I have always been active since, well as long as I can remember for. Being Miss Intercontinental Canada things are different, I used to be a multi-sport athlete so I was always active, but as a pageant girls it is different. I know what I am a role model for lifestyle and I would never want to tell people one thing and do another. I do love my physical activity and it is a great way for me to relax and realize I can eliminate some of my stress.

163. What’s more important to you: personal life or professional career?
Right now both are interchangeable- my personal life is my professional career. Things will obviously change, but my focus right now is my professional career.

164. What challenges have you overcome recently and how you did it?
Recently it has been learning not to spread myself too thin. I only have seven weeks left in my reign and I will be gone for two of those. I want to do as much as  I can but I need to remember my physical and mental health when it comes down to it. So right now, I am trying to write out multiple blogs and edit vlogs about events that I have attended but I am also drinking a cup of coffee and attempting to relax full well knowing how much I still need to do. 

165. Are you afraid of leaving your comfort zone?
Absolutely! Depending on what it is, I just suck it up and get it done. It can be stressful, I am super shy and introverted but I do have to leave my comfort zone a lot of the time even if it is for school, pageant stuff, but each time it makes me grow.

166. Do you plan for the week or daily?
ALL OF THE ABOVE. Have you not seen my planners. 

167. How do you deal with opposition?
I think it has to do with what the opposition is. Usually, I am not combative but I am also not afraid to stand my ground.

168. Do you find it easy to stand up for yourself?
It is a process, I used to let people walk over me easily, but as I found myself and what I believe in it’s easier to stand up for myself if it’s worth standing up for. 

169. When do you feel lonely?
I’ve been taught there is a difference between being lonely and alone. Lonely is when you do not choose to be by yourself. Alone is when you choose to be on your own. Sometimes I do feel lonely since I took my semester off to work as Miss Intercontinental Canada, other times I like being alone- that’s probably the introverted-ness.

170. Read a book or watch a movie?
Summer reading is a dream! I’ll pick a movie though if I just need to decompress and not think. I am a big fan of vintage movies or anything that was a classic musical!

171. Who’s the most important person in your life right now? 
As of right now, it's me. This year has been one of personal growth and development. I have spent this year learning about who I want to be, what I want to represent and what I dream of in my future. I have never really put myself first in any capacity and this year I have made that conscious effort.

172. A public figure who inspires you.
Someone who is a public figure in my community is a young girl who hopes of becoming a female Prime Minister of Canada. She is an active member of the political scene here in Calgary while also making headbands for charity! I love her to pieces and someone that constantly is inspiring me.

173. What inspires your confidence?
Learning to love me. This year has been a lot of handle. From people spreading rumours to just being plain mean, I have learned to love myself. I know the interactions and the people that I have met made me understand who I am. I love the work that I have done and I know what I want to do. The people that I have met and the memories that I have made have inspired my confidence in loving myself.

174. Do you find it important to keep up with technology?
My generation is one of technological advances. It is hard to not acknowledge how quickly technology is adapting and changing in our daily lives. Depending on what you do on a daily basis I think it is important, for me as long as I know what is happening with social media I am okay with technology. 

175. What’s your main source of distraction?
Movies. Something that I used to unwind during my days, usually after a long day of volunteering I just need to be at home and aimlessly watch a movie before I go to bed and start everything all over again.

176. Your favourite small pleasure.
Sleeping in. From school to work to volunteering things are always going quickly. Having the chance to just know that I do not have to be up at some weird hour and I can really sleep makes me extremely happy! Also coffee, a strong cup of coffee in the morning or at any time of the day makes me a little too happy. The photo with the cappuccino, wildflowers and planner really are some of my favourite small things that I do forget to be thankful for, but I love when all so much. They put a smile on my face no matter what. It might be a comfort thing, but I am so grateful for them all!  

177. How impairing is stress in your life?
Yesterday I would have said it was bad. It’s all about taking things a day at a time and not trying to control everything. We call it gravity, the things you can’t control. For me, I find that I personally get sick and worn down if I get too stressed, but I also know how to keep pushing and keep in mind my personal limits. 

178. Buy or rent a house?
One day, it’ll be buying.

179. How much time do you spend daily watching TV?
A couple of hours, but I usually have my laptop in front of me attempting to work and get what I can do while I’m relaxing while not working. For example, right now I am typing and watching the new Tomb Raider.

180. How better would your life be if you accomplished your Goal?
Every day I set little goals that I can achieve that make reaching my bigger goals that much more obtainable. I don't think anything is impossible as long as you are driven and understand your personal work ethic. If I accomplished my Goal, life would be different, but I have been working towards my goal seriously for the last year, TOP SECRET! 

181. What’s your Purpose in life?
Love Life. Love Myself. Love Others.


#181. What’s Your Purpose in life?