All of JULY I have been on VACATION! In Europe to be exact and it is exactly the re-boot I needed to kick my butt into reality again! 
It has been amazing spending time with the family and keeping my mental and physical health in check! 

I am writing this during my last day on Crete in Greece before flying off to London, and then Canada the next day! I feel happier than I have in a long time and rested! I know the next month after I give up my title I will be in limbo a bit- and I am mentally preparing for that, although it will be a big change, I am excited for the next chapter of my life. 





182. What does your dream home look like?
Clean, light colours. A place that everyone refers to as a home and not a house. I love creams, whites, with strong accents of silvers and bronzes. I want my family to really feel at home no matter where we are. Don't believe me, check out my Pinterest board just for that- click here.

183. One thing that is missing from your routine.
Constantly working out. I am on my last day of vacation and I know that I will be back at it when I am home in Canada and I tried a few times to work out here in Greece, but it was so gosh darn hot I thought my body was literally melting.

184. How is your year so far?
UNBELIEVABLE. Visiting three different countries, representing Canada internationally, the impression that I have been able to leave as Miss Intercontinental Canada. This year has been one that has taught me more about myself than I could have ever imagined. I am proud of what I have accomplished and the woman I have become. 

185. Ride a bike or walk?

186. What needs to happen today to make your day perfect?
I couldn't help but laugh at that question. I am literally sitting ocean-side in Crete surrounded by white and red flowers on vacation with my family. This is the first proper vacation that I have had in two years, I am lucky that this is my life. Every day on this vacation something has happened that I couldn't help smile at or about. Today is perfect. Every day has been perfect, but it is because of God and his greater plan in life. Each experience makes you the person you are. But I wouldn't mind a cappuccino today as we will be leaving this Grecian paradise and making our way back to Canada. 

187. How do you feel about your job/profession?
Miss Intercontinental Canada. Having that title/job for just under one year as been unbelievable. The opportunities that have been in front of m\e I am speechless about. Being able to work along side so many wonderful organizations and people that understand that you as a human being can influence the change you wish to see in the world is amazing. I am inspired more and more every day because my job or title is what pushes me harder and harder. I know I have a finite amount of time left and I plan to make the most of it. 

188. What does your schedule for the week look like?
Right now,  this week we flew into Crete and have been at Agapi Resort. Yesterday we rented a car and drove 2 hours to Chania and went on a boat tour to two different islands, drove back and packed for today. We leave Crete this evening and fly to London. The family and I will be staying in Brighton until the following day. The day after that we fly back to YYC. The Monday Brett, my sister, will be coming home from her exchange and then it is getting back to normal life. I will most likely attempt to adjust quickly to the time change and try to drop into my agency to discus a few things about my future etc.

189. Do you have a bucket list?
I have dreams, aspirations, hopes. I have not sat down and created a bucket list though. 

190. How important is it to follow trends?
I don't. As much as I love some and hate others I think it is specific to the person.

191. What’s your opinion about meditation?
Deep breathing is key in my life. I may not meditate in the general definition but there are moments I have of mindfulness that absolutely help me take on each day or tough situations.

192. Is there someone/something draining your energy these days?
Not having a proper schedule after working so hard as Miss Intercontinental Canada my body fully crashed- I got the flu when I was in London. I am relaxing as much as I can on this vacation but I keep thinking of all of the things that I need to do during the rest of my reign. I don't want to not take advantage of this opportunity- there is only so much time left. 

193. Would you like to start a new hobby?
I would love to get into some kind of fitness class!

194. When was the last time you surprised yourself?
Actually yesterday in Chania, Greece. We were on a boat tour. Long story short I wasn't feeling the greatest and I thought I was sea-sick but I got over it and ended up having an amazing trip!

195. The last inspiration quote you read.
The one on the home page, 

"When you arise in the morning, give thanks for the morning light, for your life and strength. Give thanks for your food and the joy of living life. If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies within yourself."

TECUMSH (1768-1813)

196. How does your ideal morning look?
Right now, it has been waking up around 8 AM, heading to breakfast. Once finished I pop on my workout things and hit the gym followed by a quick shower and off to the ocean to read a book in the sum for a couple of hours or taking a nap. It's been a great vacation. 

197. Fiction or non-fiction?
Either or. As long as it is a good read. Hopefully, we are talking books here still.

198. What would be the best birthday gift for you?
On my mind right now other than spending the day with my family-  maybe a coffee maker, something that allows me to make amazing lattes or cappuccinos so I don't spend a small fortune outside of my house.

199. If fear wasn’t a problem, what would you do today?
Start modeling again.

200. 3 words that define your Intention.
Kind. Conservative. Odd.

201. One thing you dislike.
Untruthful people.

202. What qualities you’d like to develop?
Confidence in front of a camera. So much of what I do professionally or through my education involves being in front of a camera now. I second guess myself and I really have to hype myself up before I press the record button.

203. If money wasn’t an issue, what would you do?
Travel the World. 

204. Travel by plane or go on a cruise?

205. What keeps you up at night?
Over-analyzing the little things that do not need a second thought. I am learning to be confident but I am still naturally shy.

206. How do you introduce yourself?
Depends on the situation. Usually a smile while shaking a person's hand and saying "Hi. I'm Mattea, nice to meet you."

207. Your favorite restaurant.

208. Silence or background music?

209. How many hours did you sleep last night?
7. I slept like a rock but it is probably because we had a 16 hour advenure.

210. Do you practice visualization on a regular basis?
Day dreaming absolutely counts in my mind- not to mention just before you fall into a deeper sleep. This is probably the best way to practice visualization on a regular basis for me, or it is at least what I do.

211. What grudges do you need to let go?
I'd tell you. But I am learning to let them go- I just haven't yet exactly.

212. What’s your strongest quality?
People say my kindness but I really so not fully know. I am not the most confident person and I am extremely shy still so my strongest quality is something I am learning to accept or acknowledge in general. When I know I will let you all know. 


195. The Last Inspiration Quote You Read.