A girls graduation or prom is one of the most important days in her life when it comes to style decisions. But prom is expensive- and a dress takes that cost to an entirely new level. 

Whether you want a princess ball gown, a short cocktail or my personal favourite- something slim and long Marlborough Mall’s GownTown will have you covered for all colours, silhouette and styles.  Each gown or dress that was available was only $10! Each girl could purchase two gowns in total and just needed to prove that they were a student to be eligible to participate! 

$2500 was raised in support of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary!

I had the chances to attend both Saturdays the first two weeks of April to lend a hand along with several of the Miss Teenage Canada delegates that will be representing Alberta this summer! Rather than going on and on about my perspective of GownTown here is a look at what actually happened and a quick interview with Marlborough Mall: 


What is the purpose of GownTown and how long it has been running? 
This was our 11th year of the event and it is to help offset the cost of graduation for Calgary families

How do you create such an array of gowns for the GownTown Event? 
We have some amazing Calgarians that donate their dresses.

How successful has the event been over the years in terms of donations and attendance? 
Over the years, and certainly, since the change in the Calgary economy we have seen attendance to the event more than double, but the generosity of Calgarians, no matter the state of the economy, is amazing because every year we receive hundreds of beautiful dresses.

You always choose a charity to donate the proceeds to at the end of the event, how do you normally choose one? and why did you pick the Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary this year? 
This year we partnered with the Boys and Girls of Calgary because of the work they do directly with school-aged kids.

Why did you extend the dates and hours of Gowntown compared to previous years? 
We found that this year we received calls from schools outside the city limits looking for dresses for their students.  We never want a grad to walk away without a dress so to ensure that we were able to get every girl the dress of their dreams we extended the hours.

What has been one of your favourite memories of participating inGownTown? Do you have a favourite story? 
There are so many.  I have worked this event for 10 years and every year there is a grad that you remember.  My favourite part of this event is watching a teen walk in, unsure of getting a “fancy” dress, then trying one on and seeing their confidence come out. 

Moving forward, what does Marlborough Mall hope and dream GownTown can evolve into? 
Our goal will always be to ensure that each grad can get a dress for grad no matter for their circumstances and we will continue to do that as long as Calgary tells us there is a need. 

If people are looking to get involved in Gowntown as sponsors, with donations or volunteering their time, how can they get in touch with you? They can email me directly at

I had an amazing weekend getting to know some of the Alberta Teens competing this summer at Miss Teenage Canada a bit better! Thank you so much to Marlborough Mall for allowing us to be part of such an amazing event that supports community!