Hello All!

You have stumbled across my utter and absolute awkwardness, and I have just happened to put it all out there for you to be part of! I am by no means some budding blogger who is an influencer  deemed by social media.

I am a 24 year-old university student studying Marketing and International Business who just happened to defer her last year of studies for a once in a lifetime year of opportunities!

July 2017, I won Miss Intercontinental Canada and it was an absolute dream; I had the most wonderful opportunities. I cannot wait to share with you my world. There is going to be a bit of travel, causes that I am passionate about, food that can put a smile on anyone's face, and fellow Canadian pageant beauties I cannot wait to introduce you to!

Trust me, if you had the chance to travel the world, represent your country on the international stage, and wanted to do the little things to make a big difference, stay tuned- great things are coming soon!

Welcome all, to the utter awkwardness that I have fully embraced & have learned to love on this crazy adventure I call my life.